Consumed By Anxiety For Loved Ones? Try These Two Techniques To Reduce Anxiety



Are you worrying about the people you love? Consumed by fear and anxiety? Many of us are in desperate need of techniques to reduce anxiety. The coronavirus outbreak has brought our subconscious fears bubbling to the surface, which is compounded by the loss of our familiar routines, comfort, safety, and security. Many of us are overwhelmed by the:

  • Fear of what could happen to our loved ones
  • Fear of our helplessness and lack of control
  • Fear for our own health and safety
  • Fear about our jobs and financial situation

News reports indicate that prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications started rising after the lockdown or shelter-in-place orders began. By the middle of March, CNN reported that prescriptions had increased by nearly a third, and the rise was almost double that for women than men.

The rise in medications is disturbing because it counters the decline in these prescriptions over the past five years. This is because doctors had shifted from prescribing medications to promoting therapy instead, since so many of the drugs have adverse side effects.

Our fears also jostle with the guilt, grief, and sadness over the number of coronavirus deaths, the hardships people are enduring, the challenges of countless medical and other workers on the frontlines, and the stories we absorb from the news and social media.

According the Kaiser Family Foundation, by the end of March, nearly 45% of people they polled felt worried or stressed by the coronavirus.

Two Techniques To Reduce Anxiety For Loved Ones

For nearly a decade I’ve been a flower essence practitioner, using the natural, healing energy of wildflower infusions to soothe emotional overwhelm, anxiety, and distress. Each flower carries a unique energy vibration that resonates with the emotion you are experiencing.

Red Chestnut Flower Essence

The Red Chestnut flower essence helps when you feel incredibly anxious and worried about your loved ones. Have you ever noticed if your anxiety about your parent, child, or partner comes out as irritation, impatience, over-protection, or anger? Do the people around you feel your love and worry expressed as one of these other emotions?

Red Chestnut shifts the repetitive worrying and helps you feel calmer. When you take Red Chestnut, your loved ones will feel the difference in how you interact with them!

Light A Candle

​In addition to a flower essence, there is one simple thing you can do to bring down your stress and anxiety about someone you care about.

Light a candle or tealight every day, preferably at the same, for someone you love and are worried about. Bless them and ask for them to be protected and taken care of. If you wish, you can light this candle or tealight in front of their photograph or on a special space that you wish to create for them.

Surrendering their care and protection to a higher power lifts the hopelessness and powerlessness of the moment and will bring down your anxiety. (A quick aside: make sure that wherever you decide to burn the candle, you are doing so safely.)

Try these techniques and let me know how you feel.

If you feel overwhelmed with any of the emotions you are going through, and wondering what might be underlying them, send me an email at anu@floweressencehealing.com. I’d be happy to help and answer any questions you have.


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