Life Lessons from A Starving Artist


life lessons of a starving artist kishore kumar november early winter

What does it mean to live with reverence? What does it take? Watching Kishore paint gave me the words I was searching for.  

Living with reverence is having the courage to follow the call of your soul.  Listening to Kishore talk about his work, it’s easy to be touched by his enthusiasm and humbled by the simplicity with which he values his creations. There are no doubts. There is no crisis of confidence. There are no questions like, “Do you like it?” He assumes that I will like it. There is a fearlessness in his creativity.

life lessons of a starving artist kishore kumar beauty of tree

Kishore always says, “No matter what, I will continue to paint.” His love for his art, for painting, for reflecting the passion that stirs his soul and moves him is a reminder that he makes a choice every day to be devoted to his art. He allows the muse that sits on his shoulder as he works to whisper to him, to move his hand, to stir the palette and bring forth the glory of nature that he sees, and bring that vision to life on the canvas. He paints in acrylic because he doesn’t have space to store oil paintings. He doesn’t make excuses. He works with what he has. Living with reverence leaves no room for excuses.

life lessons of a starving artist kishore kumar tree of heaven

It’s my “junoon” he says. His passion. Perhaps there is something greater at work, when we pursue our passion. Then, like Kishore, perhaps it’s passion that gives us courage.  Will fame and fortune come knocking at his door? He believes that it will happen when it is supposed to happen. Just like I came when he needed help, he is sure that everything will come when it is meant to. Until then, there is patience with what is because now is the only moment that exists- -this moment to create and to live.

life lessons of a starving artist kishore kumar beauty of tree 2

Working with Kishore made me more aware of nature. I noticed that I was acutely aware of the delicate leaves, the colors of the sky and the play of color. I began to feel as if I was living constantly in one of his paintings, with the beauty of nature singing around me. I could appreciate mother nature and be nurtured by her.

life lessons of a starving artist kishore kumar September Charm

Kishore is always so grateful to me. I don’t think he will ever realize how much he gave me. In helping him, I was actually helping myself. My mentorship and his trust in me intertwined to create a transformative, powerful circle.

This is the moment when I started to notice the magic of change. 

I could truly start to live with reverence for my life as it was–not as it was going to be or what I wished it was. I could be nurtured by the relationships in my life. I could pursue dreams that were just a glimmer, dropping my fears of rejection and failure. I found the courage to enter a space where the dreams of my soul were the dreams the universe had laid for me.  I had learned to honor my soul, by living with awe and with reverence for the wonder of life itself. I could flow with the current of life. 

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This is the final blog in this weekly series that explores my search for reverence for life. What does it mean and why is it important?

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