“Flower essences are at our disposal, ultimately, to remind us of our innate perfection.
In gentle, non-invasive ways, they tell us that we already are our highest potential.
We need only to realize this truth.”
— Lila Devi

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Stressed, anxious, hurt, angry or overwhelmed?
Your emotions are sending you an urgent,
compelling, and important message about yourself.
Is your anger
masking a
deep frustration
about work or
Is your hurt
actually coming
from a feeling
of invalidation?
Is your anxiety
coming from feeling
truly helpless
and powerless?

These are messages about your dreams, your hopes, your boundaries and where you might have compromised your personal power, your values, and abandoned your self-care. When you pay close attention, your emotions act like a compass giving you valuable insight and clear direction. They maybe telling you to:

  • Perhaps you need confidence and assurance to express your needs
  • Perhaps you need to set energetic and verbal boundaries to protect yourself
  • Perhaps you need to take action in honoring your dreams

The first step to change is to become aware of the deeper messages your emotional overwhelm is sending you. It’s easy to slip back into old, familiar patterns of thinking behavior. This is where flower essences empower you to create positive change by shifting the thoughts that drive your emotions. Your life can start to unfold in a new and beautiful way!


Flower essences are a form of energy medicine that creates sustainable change. First discovered by a British surgeon in the 1930s, they have been around for almost a hundred years now. Essences are infusion of wildflowers that carry the healing emotional energy of the flower. When we take flower essences, they shift the thoughts and emotions that keep us in a tight grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are a natural system of stress remedies. They are infusions made from the flower of a plant, with pure spring water, and brandy is used as a natural preservative.

What are the differences between Flower Essences and Essential Oils?

1) Scented and unscented
Essential oils as the name suggests are oils extracted from the stem, leaves, or other parts of the plant through steam distillation or other methods and carry a smell or fragrance. Through the ages, they have often used in perfumes.

Flower essences have no smell, since they are made from the energetic imprint of the flower. Wildflowers are picked and floated in a crystal or glass bowl filled with water placed on a rock or the earth in the early morning sun. After a few hours, the flowers are removed, the water is strained and preserved with brandy. So, flower essences are wildflower infusions in water.

2) Amount that is needed
Usually a large number of flowers are needed to create essential oils. For instance, it takes 10,000 roses to create 5 ml or about a teaspoon of essential oil.

Flower essences, on the other hand, are made with a few flowers in a bowl of water. The water carries the energetic imprint of the flower and we can get several bottles of flower essences from those few flowers.

3) Internal versus external
Essential oils are not taken internally as they can be toxic to the system. Even a topic application requires essential oils to be diluted with a carrier oil.

Flower essences, on the other hand, are taken internally and are completely gentle and safe even for children and pets. They have no side effects.

4) How they work
Essential oils are often used to address physical symptoms and provide overall stress relief through diffusion of their smell. They work through the olfactory system and the associated regions of the brain that govern our stress response.

Flower essences target specific emotions and the thoughts that are connected to those emotions. They work at the energetic level. For instance, our judgments can drive us crazy. The “shoulds,” the “musts,” the “have-to’s” and all kinds of judgments about ourselves, others, situations, and events. Flower essences shift these thoughts and provide calmness, clarity, direction and give us inner confidence.

Who pioneered this healing system?
Flower essence therapy was developed by the British surgeon, Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1920s. Dr. Bach realized that just as each and every one of our emotions has a vibration, certain flowers have vibrations that match these emotions. Armed with this knowledge, the noted surgeon matched the vibrations of each of these specific flowers to its corresponding emotional state, such as fear, shyness, indecision, procrastination, boredom, loneliness and depression, etc. This pairing led to Bach’s development of 38 flower essences, which now treat mental and emotional issues, not physical ailments. Specific physical ailments require the advice and care of a medical practitioner.
Why and how do flower essences work?
Most of us know that personal awareness leads to change. But for many of us, once we become aware of a personal problem, we continue to struggle—because it’s so hard to change our personal behavior when it’s governed by our emotions. By using the right flower essence, we can bypass this problem and directly treat our emotional state. Our emotional response begins to change slowly and this change enables us to overcome any emotional challenge. In other words, the right flower essence shifts impatience to patience, criticism to tolerance, despair and discouragement to hope and optimism. Flower essences are effective because they work subtly and gently on the energetic level—without requiring much effort on our part. Over time, we see and experience a shift. We feel calmer and peaceful.
How many times daily do I take my personalized essence?
Each customized blend comes in a dosage bottle with a dropper, and you take four drops four times daily—the first time when you awake and the last time when you go to bed.
How should I take the essence?
You can take each dosage directly from the bottle with the dropper, but be careful. Don’t let the dropper touch your mouth. This could contaminate the infusion. You can also carefully add the drops to any liquid, such as tea, coffee, juice, water, or even soup.
Is there a preservative in the infusion?
After we mix your personalized flower essence with pure spring water and put it into the dosage bottle, we add a teaspoon of brandy as a preservative to prevent the water from spoiling. If you prefer not to have alcohol in your dosage, let us know. We will add vegetable glycerin, as a preservative, to the pure spring water.
How do I store my infusion?
Please keep the bottle away from direct sunlight, computers, and cell phones.
Can I take flower essences with other medications?
If you are taking prescribed medications for physical and emotional ailments, you can usually take our flower essences. The essences are vibrational in nature and are chosen on the basis of mental and emotional issues rather than physical conditions. They are not intended to deal with serious mental or emotional conditions, or a known physical medical problem. For these, the client would seek the care or advice of a qualified health practitioner. If you are on medications, it is always prudent to consult your doctor who can monitor your physical condition. And please, never discontinue medication without medical supervision.
How do I know my special essence is working?
Each flower essence works subtly and gently, so you probably won’t perceive a quick, emotional difference. But in 2-to-3 weeks, clients generally feel calmer, less tired, and more centered. At this time, many people also experience noticeable positive changes in their behavioral responses to once-bothersome events. They realize their emotional health is improving.
How long do I take these essences?
This answer depends on you. By the end of three consultations, some clients feel they have adequately overcome their emotional challenge. But emotions are like onions: they have multiple layers of skin. As we peel away the outermost layers, we move closer to the core and discover previously undisclosed emotional issues. Each personalized blend of flower essences will continue to work at these deeper levels. So how long you take a particular essence is ultimately up to you. How deep do you want to explore? Your flower essence will provide you with emotional support; it will empower you.

Thank you so much for your help! I’ve been taking the essence for four weeks and feel I’m less stressed and I also feel that I take on less of other people’s problems. I’m doing much better in setting boundaries. I find myself having a more positive outlook and feeling more self-assured and optimistic.

— Anita C. (Illinois)


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