“We are emotional beings, governed in fact, by the same emotions for thousands of years. Despite advances in science and technology, our emotions pull us into primal states of being.”

— Anu Dayal-Gulati

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In this session, I listen to the issues you are dealing with and identify the message your emotions are sending you. While awareness is the first step of change, we want to shift these emotional patterns and release their triggers. I choose seven flower essences that will help shift the way these emotions live in you. The consultation includes the following:

  • A one hour in-depth consultation.
  • A customized 30ml bottle of flower essences sent to you with 2-day priority shipping at no additional charge. This bottle of flower essences, uniquely created for you, is designed to empower you from within, building on the insights of the consultation. At this time, I only ship within the continental US.
  • One follow-up e-mail check-in and support after the consultation. 

At the end of this consultation, you will understand the emotional layers that are present for you in the issue you are grappling with. After finishing the bottle of flower essence a few weeks later, you will notice that your thought patterns have shifted. You will feel gently supported and calmer, and will have new insights that give you clear direction about what you should do next with this issue. This will leave you feeling more confident about the actions you can take moving forward.


These 3 sessions build on each other. They are for people who are ready to do the inner work to grapple with the challenges they are facing. The emotions that you are dealing with often have origins and patterns that are from your childhood or family experiences. In listening to you, I show you how these emotions originate, the emotional patterns that keep appearing and the messages your emotions are trying to send you. I choose seven flower essences to shift these emotions and give you awareness and clarity on what is really going on and guide you with inner direction. The customized flower essences change in each session.  

  • 3 one-hour consultations
  • 3 customized bottles of flower essences, each one uniquely created for you, empowering you from within and building on the insights of each consultation. After each consultation, a bottle is shipped to you with free 2-day priority shipping.
  • E-mail check-in between consultations 
  • Individually tailored exercises to support you between consultations
  • List of your KEY flower essences at the end of the consultations that will provide you with ongoing support 

The three-session package helps you when you are grappling with deeper issues. We will be working through how these issues have been presenting themselves in your life to get your attention and supporting exercises to deal with them. Emotions are like onions. Each layer peels to reveal a deeper emotional layer underneath because we protect our innermost core until we are ready to deal with it. While you will understand the emotional layers you are dealing with, you will also understand your reactions and where they are coming from.

With each session there will be a deeper understanding of letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that have limited you and the projections of others you have carried or imposed on yourself. In addition, you will notice that your thought patterns are more positive and hopeful relating to the key issues you were struggling with. With the nurturing support of your unique blend of flower essences, you will be making the journey to reclaiming your personal power. You will notice that you have gentle, new insights that empower you with inner guidance and give you clear direction on what steps you can take relating to your problems.